Have your own building site or are you contemplating the purchase of a piece of land to place your new home? Whether your lot is narrow, shallow or presents some other challenge, Woodstock has solutions. Since Woodstock is a truly custom home builder, we don’t have a cookie-cutter process that dictates our every move. So customers with their own land or lots are seen as welcome creative challenges to do work that produces all the same great results customers have come to expect from a relationship with Woodstock.

So whether you have a lot, 50 acres or are just now starting to look for that special piece of land, call Woodstock and get us involved early. We can be a very valuable resource upfront and provide insight at any stage of your process. There is a lot to consider when comparing properties. We can help you sort out all the details that go into planning for your perfect new home.

When it comes to building on a customer’s own lot, Woodstock nails the concept.™

Call Bob Slawson at 317.506.3568 or email him here with questions or to get the ball rolling.