Most people do not wish to build.  Their preference is to find an existing home that is ready to occupy.  The reality is that there is little or no selection out there.  If there is a “ranch style” house available the rooms are not open, it is dark inside, the ceilings are low, it will require updating, it has rooms that are no longer functional, it may require additional maintenance.   If the house is updated, it may be priced higher than the neighborhood when it is time to sell.

10,000 people are retiring every day.  For the past 40 years builders have been putting up family style homes as fast as they can.  If you’re looking for four plus bedrooms and  a master suite on the second floor then you are in luck as that’s what you will find in most cases – rooms that you no longer need.

Timing is an important issue.  If you have a house to sell is it better to have a plan and know exactly where you will be going?  You can control how it will look, how much it will cost, in the area you prefer, and on your schedule.   Why just roll the dice and hope that you find something that will work out because it happens to be on the market when your existing house is sold.

Another reason you can’t find that perfect house for downsizing is that the people who have built and moved into the newer low maintenance homes are not leaving anytime soon.  They are not relocating due to a new career opportunity or upsizing to a larger home, so the homes do not come on the market as often.  In most cases they are staying put to participate in the lives of their children and grand children who live near by.

If there are so many people potentially looking for the same type of home as you are, and that number grows by 10,000 people each day, and you know there are few choices for that new house, is it not logical that it could also be a good investment based upon supply and demand?

It’s a tough decision to leave the house in which you have raised your family.  After all of the time and money spent, it is just the way you like it.  It is not so easy taking care of it any more and there are rooms you no longer use.  Perhaps there are health issues on the horizon?  It is a transition that must eventually be made.  The sooner the better.  Having it done and behind you is much easier than continually contemplating it.

Woodstock Custom Homes makes the process easy and enjoyable.  If you can’t read floor plans or can’t visualize the layout, we can tour similar rooms and finish levels so you can see and feel exactly what is on the drawing.  You will know what you are getting.

You will be proud of your new home and enjoy entertaining your family and friends in a beautiful and comfortable  environment.  One that you created with the assistance of Woodstock Custom Homes.